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Let my step-by-step guide take all the mystery and intimidation out of the process of nailing fierce photos!

    ​​​​​​​This program is for YOU if:

    You have experience with photo shoots but always feel like you are just "showing up" & never quite prepared.

    • Maybe you are happy with the photos you get back but can't help but wonder if they could be better. Or, perhaps you've been disappointed at the results, regretting not doing more to prepare for the shoot. Is there something you could have done to optimize your body, posing techniques, and expressiveness?

    You are a newbie to the dance photography scene.

    • You've seen the pics on Instagram and want to get in on the game but have been too scared or intimidated to book a shoot. Maybe you don't know what to expect or what will be expected from you. Perhaps you think your body is not "good enough" or that you don't have any tricks to showcase. You tend to shy away from the camera whenever you're in front of it. If only there was a way to build your confidence and demystify the process...
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    I've been there. I've felt both not "good enough"/unworthy/unentitled to schedule a photo shoot in the first place and the dissatisfied dread of getting photos back from a shoot that I didn't prepare for properly. It's not fun...and it's usually a waste of good money on a talented photographer.


    Truth be told, photo shoots can be FUN! When else do you get to play dress-up and strut in front of the camera like you're a superstar?! When you are well-prepared for your shoot, not only do you get fierce photos but the rewarding sensation of empowerment that comes from transforming your body & mind through efforts of your own.

    Let me take you through the steps I use to ensure I put forth an effort I'm proud of to get the photos I want. This easy-to-follow guide will crush your intimidation and fear of the camera and unveil what it takes to get killer photos.

    Imagine what your photos will look like after being led through a 21-day interactive step-by-step process leading up to the very hour of your shoot:


    • Stop flittering between the latest diet fads and guessing about what to eat. Get the nutrition blueprint that will help you feel not only sleek & sexy but vibrant & energized to attack those poses!

    • Don't want to eat things that taste like cardboard for 3 weeks in order to get lean? Got you covered with tasty new recipes to try.

    • Needing muscle definition? Sculpt your muscles with a short & sweet Bulletproof Ballerina workout designed to polish up your body for the big day.

    • Stop dreading the possibility of waking up bloated and puffy the morning of your shoot and learn the simple tricks to come in "dried out."

    • No clue about how to get your money's worth from this shoot? Draw up a game plan for the kind of photos you really want to walk away with. 

    • Wonder why that pose looks killer on her but not on you? Demystify the art of hitting poses that flatter your body with this simple posing practice.

    • Avoid unnecessary stress and that sinking sensation of forgetting something vitally important on the day of your shoot.

    • Worried about maintaining the willpower and intense focus required to transform your body? Learn self-care techniques to help you feel nurtured and prevent you from sabotaging your hard-earned efforts.

    • Need a quick warm-up for the day of the shoot that gives you access to your full range of motion without sweating off your carefully applied makeup? No you covered.

    • Does your mind & body freeze up when in front of the camera? Learn secrets to help you feel polished and confident...ready to hog the camera's attention.

    • How do you return to normal life after such an epic photo shoot experience? Easy. Schedule the next one & learn how to decipher your progress to get even better results the next time around.


    ​​​​​​​Whether you are going for lean and cut or soft and feminine, this interactive process will guide you there. You determine your course of action, & this program gives you the steps to focus and organize your efforts.

    Get ready to walk into your photo shoot physically and mentally prepared to get fierce photos!

    What Other Bad Girl Ballerinas are Saying:

    "Thank you so much for all of your help in preparing for my photo shoot!! The 'Fuel the Fierceness' plan was amazing in helping me sculpt a strong, healthy physique whilst also reaching my goal weight in a sustainable way. Along with the Bulletproof Ballerina workouts, your #badgirlballerina ethos has inspired me to make wonderful changes to my training and lifestyle - I have gone from feeling defeated by my art, to feeling elegant, light, empowered...Bulletproof!!"


    What you get:

    • Lifetime access to this 3-Week interactive online guide
    • "Fuel the Fierceness" nutrition blueprint to help you feel vibrant and healthy
    • "Fuel the Fierceness Recipes" booklet to keep you inspired with tasty meal options
    • An exclusive version of the BULLETPROOF BASICS On Demand workout, progress chart, & "Secrets to Success" PDF to aid in body sculpting and muscle definition 
    • Tricks to minimize excess water retention so you don't wake up bloated the morning of your shoot
    • Evaluation of your goals and intentions to ensure you get what you want out of your photo shoot
    • Posing practice to find the lines that look good on YOU
    • Tips on packing for your shoot, makeup application, & what to wear
    • Self-care techniques to help you feel nurtured and cared
    • Quick and easy muscle activation exercises to get you warmed up prior to your shoot
    • Post-shoot follow-up instructions to ease you back into normal life
    • Other secret mindset tricks to help you:
      • Feel cool, calm, and confident when you are under fire (a.k.a. in front of the camera lens) 
      • Get your money's worth out of your photo shoot
      • Resist cravings
      • Enjoy the process of working towards your peak performance state for this shoot
    (Sample screenshot from program):
    Screenshot screenshot final

    Yes, I want to feel confident, polished, and camera-ready for my photo shoot!

    Bulletproof Ballerina

    • 3-week online course with lifetime access
    • Downloadable PDFs and charts
    • Exclusive version of the Bulletproof Basics On Demand workout
    • Fuel the Fierceness nutrition guide and recipe booklet
    • Journaling exercises and planning tips to ensure you get the photos you actually want
    • Warmup exercises for the day of the shoot
    • Self-care techniques, posing prep, and other secrets to help you feel mentally & physically prepared to get fierce photos

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